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Copywriting, and Photography of People, Places & Things for Business Marketing Needs; The Words & Images that resonate with your target clients and help you stand out in your industry. We LOVE this stuff!

With the time it takes to write all your own copy, take your own snapshots, or -horrors - search for hours and hours through clipart or stock photography to only end up with pics of strangers and other people's products ...

You've made a GOOD DECISION in deciding to find a professional to do this for you!

Those methods only create a feeling to the potential client that you are the same as everyone else in your industry. It might even make them think that you can't provide the level of service that they are seeking from your company, for they can recognize shortcuts when they see them.

We have the solution.

All of our clients begin with our 'Digging Deep' Packet, a series of worksheets followed by a consultation with Bonnie, professional copywriter and photographer, plus DIY tips for effective results that will set you apart from all the others mining your field of prospects. We understand that there may still be parts that you wish to do yourself, and this provides valuable tools to keep you from searching in the wrong places, providing the wrong message, or getting no results for your efforts.

Remember that the person you are hoping will become your customer takes only a few minutes with your marketing message to determine your benefit to them and your credibility as compared to your competitors.

After a brief moment of their attention, they'll move on, unless you've given them a reason to stay. Turn that short visit into an impactful and helpful journey for them, leading them to the solution they seek, and to what you want... their deciding to purchase your company's services or product.

Our 'Digging Deep' Packet may be all you need, or you might want to use it to move on to strike gold through our 'Eureka' service level. Pairing great photographic visuals with our copywriting skills for social media posting, plus communications such as web and landing pages, direct response sales letters and email, along with dynamite client case studies, will let you attend to other parts of your job while we do the heavy work.

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We have experience with large companies such as St. Joseph Healthcare, Fidelity Investments, JC Penney & Brookstone Hard-to-find Tools Catalog, to mid-size professional services offices, and the small entrepreneurs.

We are not, as are so many others, a portrait studio that claims the ability to produce commercial photography. Our extensive history in the industry has earned us recognition in the professional photography industry and with our clients, as an expert in this field. In other words, we rock!

Our fees are fair, we're team players and easy to work with, and the photographs and copywriting that we produce for you will work with your branding and marketing goals.

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