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$88.00 Head Shot Business Portraits are priced this low, by keeping it simple.

Please read these terms. Making your appointment and paying for your session serves as implied consent.

  • White Background only during these session appointments.
  • 15 minute sessions, booked one after the other, so being on time is absolutely necessary for consideration of others.
  • One final image sized at 300 dpi will be emailed to you, selection made by Bonnie St.Pierre. If this concerns you, bring your reading glasses and she'll be happy to show you images quickly on the back of the camera in order for you to select the image.
  • You can select and pay for consecutively scheduled session appointments in order to get more than one final image, for instance, for a change of clothes or pose.
  • Payment is necessary to confirm your appointment time, so we deal with portrait taking ONLY on session day.
  • Registration payment is non-refundable, for there are no make-up session days, and the time you select is saved for YOU. We can't guarantee that if you cancel within four days of the sessions, that we can help find you another appointment slot.
  • Retouching includes only a little brightening of eyes and teeth if needed, and a few obvious spots of acne or skin issues.
  • "Bonnie's Retouches" is available as an additional $45.00 pre-paid option. Even exceptional photography like ours is not always the only thing that makes a great portrait. In our regularly priced portraiture, we automatically provide all that is necessary to make your portrait amazing, countering the effects of digital photography where details are so sharp and can show every little thing about our face and neck, whether we like it, or not. At this super low price, we just can't include everything we do post image capture as the norm from our studio. Retouching is an art that takes some time to do, so that you look your very best without obvious retouching effects. We want you to have the option to have the whole enchilada, if you want it. For corrections to more involved skin issues, lightening dark circles and bags under eyes along with other subtle blending of creases, wrinkles, pores and/or skin tone and also taking care of a few stray hairs, you can put some polish on your portrait with the additional purchase of the "Bonnie's Retouches" fee. Scroll to see our retouch illustrations photos below, to return to previous page, or to book your appointment!

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