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In her thirty plus year career as a professional, Bonnie St.Pierre has certainly acquired all the skills necessary to be an expert photographer. She has multiple awards in commercial and portrait photography, has had her work hang at Epcot Center in FL, plus in semi-permanent museum displays, and many other places, among them, decorating the walls of a whole wing at St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua NH, and in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC!

She could be providing the typical baby, family, senior high school, boudoir and pet photography services without breaking a sweat, however, her passion leads her over and over again down an even more challenging road...

No matter what the subject from any of those listed above, Bonnie wants to give you a gift of YOUR STORY in her creations, instead of a snapshot showing only what you look like today. It's more about who you ARE today, in your life, and in your relationships. What makes you tick. In addition to working quite a bit harder to make these wonderful thought provoking images, she also goes against the "point-and-shoot and fix it with apps" thought process that is popular in today's photography. Bonnie builds sets, orchestrates the environment to support your story, and then provides beautiful lighting that will create the dimension and mood in the image. And yes, let's just say it... you will always look GREAT in any of her portraits. No embarrassed or disappointed feelings about yourself, ever!

Think about it kind of like this; she's painting your story, just not with a brush. Posing, lighting, composition, these are all the tools that canvas artists have employed for centuries. Bonnie does this with her photography set and technical skills.

If you want someone paying close attention to what is important to you, or how you yourself want to be remembered... if you want this level of dedication to your portrait, then you want Bonnie St.Pierre to be your photographer.

Bonnie's style is expressive and often dramatic. Her own personal experiences with family, love and loss, is at the root of every one of her creations, because she understands how important it is for us all to embrace gratitude for the wonderful pieces of our lives. What is more valuable than the moments spent with the people you love most in life, the pet that provides such loyalty and selfless companionship, the passion that fills your soul?

This attention to detail in photography, plus years of experience as a business owner herself, also provides a great advantage to companies that hire her to produce images or write the words for their marketing, to help them stand out from their competitors.

At this point in her career, Bonnie accepts only commissions for creation of these art pieces. Her best clients are those that find joy in the idea of owning such a meaningful portrait.

Portrait work is provided in three classifications, StoryBooks for a limited number of clients annually, plus StoryPAGE and Seasons Wall Portraits. The stories in the images range from fantasy to childhood whimsy, and snippets of real moments, relationships, and interactions in all stages of every day life. She is inspired by conversation with her clients, and from that the timeless portrait that they and their families will be enjoying forever is born.

As you can see by her portfolio on the home page of our studio's site, Bonnie is influenced by oil painting masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Renoir, with an added distinct influence of humor and warmth from American illustrator, Norman Rockwell. It's no wonder that her photography is often described as looking like a painting. They share the same 'celebration of life' essence, plus expertise in composition and lighting, and have as much emotional value today as the day they were created.

Bonnie St.Pierre is a real, down to earth person, just like you. She is easy to work with, high energy, loves life, new experiences, and loves to laugh. She's risen above heart-ache and challenges and come out the other side, just as you have. She has similar interests, the same hopes, fears, family values and devotion to her pet (her Labradoodle Sammi brings her much joy; you might get to meet her if you like!). Your family will be at ease with Bonnie, and have lots of fun. The experience of working with her in the creation of your special image is one you will hold close in your heart as one of your own great memories.

For you business people, you will be pleased that you chose to step up to the next level and hire Bonnie for creating the words or photos you need for your company's marketing. The detail she applies to her portrait work is the direct result of her skills in commercial photography, and her passion for the creation of effective written copy and images for companies runs just as deep. She will turn on the full force of her enthusiasm of these services from B. St.Pierre Studio towards your project, creating exactly what you need to attract your next customers.

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