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'One Per Day' Campaign

Striving to provide Free Sessions for some of our military families, or those living with debilitating life circumstances.

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As we at B. St.Pierre Studio consider how we can help our military families who have sacrificed precious family time, with parents deploying overseas or returning after significant time away, we realize we can't achieve this goal that we're reaching for by ourselves.

At the same time, we've always wished we could do more for families living with emotionally and physically debilitating circumstances - provide them with an image for their wall that celebrates the good that is in their life; the love and happy moments with their family.

We really want to give these families a gift that costs them absolutely nothing, and provides a memorable experience together.

Since operating a business costs money, we can't donate as many sessions as we'd like to on our own. We want to provide a source of lasting happiness for these families, to bring a little joy in the way we know best, by gifting them with one of our unique creations. This requires us to have paying work to keep afloat, to cover salaries and expenses, while we donate the time.

We've developed a GoFundMe Campaign, where others that feel like we do can be part of something much bigger than what they can do by themselves. It's through the hands of many that we can help others.

Your donation will go towards providing a family with a framed 14" B. St.Pierre StoryPage Portrait - one beautiful page out of their family story.

Click the link above to read more about this, and to be a part in showing our gratitude to our military families, or for our own health and paying forward good fortune, by donating to bring happiness to others' lives.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Bonnie St.Pierre

Our StoryPage Portraits celebrate the everyday moments in the life of a family or individual.

They are treasured for a lifetime.

A special note from Bonnie to our StoryPage Heroes;

You all make my heart "grow three sizes", to borrow from Dr. Seuss. Thank you SO much for your giving of yourself through a donation to this fund, which allows me to donate a session and framed portrait to a family that will enjoy it today, and may someday, when a military parent is deployed overseas, or a child is hospitalized, be part of the medicine they will need for their own hearts.

Our first family photographed, because of donations from you, includes a child that has had three heart surgeries already in his young life, and faces a future transplant. They live every day with laughter and love, and we were able (because of you, our StoryPage Heroes!) provide an experience in the studio and a wall portrait for their home that preserves that essence of their lives together... forever.

Life is too quickly changing and ones we love are lost to illness. I also personally know so many families who have loved ones serving overseas, a sacrifice for the families as well, at home and forced by separation to meet so many days without their Dad or Mom/Husband or Wife while they are away. And also, in my career, first as a nurse, and now as a portrait artist, I've met so many families that move through every day with heartbreaking loss, difficult disabilities, progressive dementia and so much more. My deepest wish is for them all to have that portrait hanging on their wall to look at, one that brings joy to their day today, and on the days where it is needed ever so much more.

Please share with us on the campaign page what your motivation was, what you were thinking, when you decided to become one of our StoryPage Heroes in this mission to create a lasting moment of joy for these families? Your story matters, and the desire you've illustrated for helping others through this campaign of 'One Per Day', is simply beautiful.

The response and donations to the fundraiser campaign for these free sessions and wall portrait confirm what we already knew - that there are wonderful, caring people in this world! Thank you all for your support!

12/11/15 LOOK!! We were in the news!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

‘One Per Day’ gives families lasting memories

Staff Writer, Nashua Telegraph

MERRIMACK - In the midst of creating a family Christmas portrait at her studio, Bonnie St. Pierre was struck by a myriad of emotions upon hearing a personal story from her client, a mother who revealed she'd lost her two teenage sons. Their framed pictures were part of the "set" for the portrait, and the portrait St. Pierre was creating with the woman's two daughters made this mother feel like her family was together again, and she could enjoy the holidays.

"This shook me up," said St. Pierre, who creates storytime images preserving family moments at her Tinker Road studio. The woman's story, mixed with experiencing loss in her own family, gave St. Pierre an idea for "One Per Day" - a fundraiser to create one of her storytime images for families who have also suffered a loss, have a relative who is hospitalized, deployed in the military or a family that can't be together as often as they'd like.

She called the project "One Per Day" because, while she's not sure she'd do one portrait every day, her hope is "If I end up with seven a week, that's the goal for me.

"It would make me feel so wonderful to produce this image; I want to give them the full experience," St. Pierre said. "I think we all know someone who can use a boost; celebrate the good in their family (and give them) something strong to hold onto.

"It's not just sitting there and smiling at the camera. I illustrate who their families are together; put them into an image together," she explained.

About a month ago, St. Pierre created a One Per Day GoFundMe page,, through which anyone in the Merrimack area and beyond can donate any amount of money, which will be used to cover the cost of materials and the session for a family portrait. Since the site's inception, St. Pierre received enough funds to do her first portrait.

"I did a family session. They will end up with a framed 14-inch portrait soon," she said.

The family St. Pierre found by way of a donated portrait session she'd done previously for a family that took their child to Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Dartmouth recently connected her with a new family, whose 6-year-old son has already had three heart surgeries and will need another by the time he's 12.

"They're really facing a lot," she said, adding that the family laughs a lot together and that's how she decided to capture them in their portrait. "The need is great for people to have this lasting moment preserved in a beautiful way. So many people can feel good from this. (They might get) a connected feeling to the families they help.

"It's a unique option for giving," she said. "It's more direct, right to people, right to their heart."

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