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A Storytelling Portrait illustrates who we are, through all the Seasons of our Life.

"Saving today's traditions and memories, for many tomorrows."

We have a wonderful baby program, and families come to us for meaningful, interactive portraits with their young families and with grandparents. In fact, we would venture to say that the most Gift Certificates purchased are from the Grandparents gifting to their children, for they know the value of beautiful images to look back upon for this fleeting time, and not leaving it all to hit or miss grab shots.

While your children grow, they are likely to have picture day at school, and that suits its own purpose of documenting how they change in appearance during those years. But from First Grade all the way to Senior in High School getting ready to graduate, we capture those images of your family's story, the milestones, talents and passions as they form, evolve and grow... the laughter, the one on one time, the pride... the every day, seemingly inconsequential moments that you will treasure for having them later, when life moves along to the next stage.

As a couple, what images do you have that tell YOUR love story? Are you paying attention to this, or is your Wedding the last time that you had a session that focused on this relationship? See each other again.

Ladies, consider a Boudoir Session with female photographer Bonnie St.Pierre.

Also, is there a special four-legged family member in your family? They are with us for such a relatively short period of time. Have you included them in a professional session so that you can forever look into their eyes and remember the loyal devotion they offered as their part of the relationship?

And as your family grows and begins to change, have you celebrated "the Village"... the extended family members who are such a large part of your children's lives today?

What portraits do you have of your parents? It is unlikely that they will choose on their own to have a professional portrait taken, but we know that YOU would value having the images that will be with you and your children after you, that celebrate who your parents are, the quirky or wonderful things you know and love them for... what makes them THEM. Our portraits tell a story visually that lives beyond today. What about them with your own children? What an amazing story that is!

Our parents should teach us that professional photography should be budgeted into the "must haves" in our lives.

We learn to save for ,,,, cars, homes, toys, vacations, college, birthday, weddings and retirement as the expenses for which we prepare.

Too many don't consider using a professional to create any more than a few milestone portraits for them. These are usually one or two traditional posed family sessions over the years, high school graduation portraits, and maybe a wedding. Aside from these, they decide this is an area where they can save money by doing it themselves. The result; they will be relying on snapshots to document most of a family's life together, to look back upon someday.

We feel sad for people who make that choice. While money is spent on many material things that won't be in their possession for too long, their family memories, which they will want to enjoy for 30, 40, 50 years and more, are represented in mostly under or over-exposed, blurry, or poorly composed and often unflattering snapshots. Often now, these pics don't even make it to become a print, but are lost in the thousands and thousands of digital files in folders on hard-drives.

Our studio specializes in making sure you have beautifully produced images to enjoy on your walls of the many special moments that make up your life. These are passed down as keepsakes that keep your family history alive, even as time marches on. Click the photo below to view a short video.

We see a lot of pictures on Facebook where family and friends have clicked "like" and proclaimed even the snapshots where you do not look your very best to be "beautiful". We don't say this to be nasty. We know that what they are responding to is the love they feel for you, or the moment that's been captured, even if not very well. We totally understand the value of the emotions in pictures, and our portraits are loaded with it. The difference between those snapshots and our images, is that we are also award winning experts in our field, and what we create is skillfully crafted to be ALWAYS flattering, and truly beautiful. You will never find yourself wishing that you or someone else looked better in the picture, and you will love the story it tells about you and your family.

In addition to being technically experienced, we are prepared for toddler meltdowns, teenager aloofness or reluctance, and are skilled at making you feel comfortable, so that the real you comes out. Portraits we create celebrate relationships, personalities, passions... everything that is special in your life.

From Baby Portrait Programs through the many family milestones, enjoying our Pets, Senior High School, Couples, Boudoir, Big Family Groups and to our Elder Generation, B. St.Pierre Studio portraits are special. They artfully give the viewer a glimpse of who you are today, perhaps with an image that illustrates your passion or talent, maybe an interaction with someone you love. They tell the story of you and your loved ones, to be enjoyed into the next generations... the creation of your legacy. And they do this with the guarantee that you will love how you look.

We understand that you can't use us for every moment in your life that you wish to hold onto, but we hope that you will give yourself the gift of coming to us for at least one. We promise you that it will become the one that gets passed on from your house to your children's someday, a true heirloom in telling a story of who you are together today... a moment long gone, but not the memory. It is yours to keep, to look at and love, forever.

Click here to contact us and start the conversation towards YOUR Seasons of Life Portrait!To see more, and some of the traditional work that we will do upon request during a storytelling session, for example for big family group portraits and senior high school, click here. Be sure to also visit our Testimonials Page to hear what clients have to say about their experience in commissioning us to create for them!