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Nobody can say it better than our clients. Here are three very short clips we'd like to share with you.

Please forgive the lower res quality of the clips. We include them because the message is wonderful from each. This was a public meeting where we were fortunate to have someone capture their testimonials and provide them to us, and we are grateful to have them, even at less than professional format.

This first clip is one of our local business owners who commissioned B. St.Pierre Studio to produce her family portraits with her aging parents. There is no time like the present to celebrate your family, and let us create something for you that you will have always.

The second clip is business manager of a highly regarded upscale salon and spa. The work produced for his company happened over the course of several weeks, including product photography and staff portraits in the studio, and location work photographing all the wonderful spaces in their facility, complete with guests and staff interaction, and some creative hair and make-up services that they wished the public to know could be accomplished in our "North of Boston" town.

This third clip is very near and dear to Bonnie's heart, for this gal came as a newly engaged client fairly close to the forming of B. St.Pierre Studio, when wedding coverage was part of the offerings from the Studio. Over the years, B. St.Pierre Studio has created Baby and Family portraits for her, has produced commercial marketing images for the company she works for, and most recently the High School Graduation Portraits (!) of her baby girl and a simply breathtaking Classic Portrait of mother and teen daughter (see our Intro to Our Work here, and see how STUNNING she looks still, these many years later!). Michelle choked up a little as she spoke about this years long relationship, and Bonnie, who was in the audience, had to wipe away tears too. THAT is how personal we get... how much we care about you.

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