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Why would you choose StoryPAGE instead of StoryBook?

StoryPAGE is whimsical, can be magical or nostalgic, always tells a visual story within its imagery, whether it's the one image for the wall, or an additional collection.

Our StoryBooks get great press, as they should, being an amazing product like non other in the world, but it's not for everybody. It's a high end product with a price tag appropriate to the hours and hours that Bonnie St.Pierre dedicates to each and every one, and also requires a little more pre-session planning involvement from the client that not everybody can, or wants to, dedicate to it.

Plus, Bonnie only creates 50 StoryBooks per year so that she is available to apply her creativity and skills to other services that people come to B. St.Pierre Studio for, including the StoryPAGE Sessions.

If you arrived at our site as a result of hearing about StoryBook, are you concerned that StoryPAGE is second best? NO WAY!!

That same heartwarming feeling that you get from the idea of what could be created for your family as a B. St.Pierre StoryBook is what you get with StoryPAGE.... just a little less involved, and not one of Bonnie's custom designed, authored, press-printed StoryBooks as an end product.

As a result of there being less time involvement, there is also the benefit of an attractive fee structure for this, the portraits that like StoryBook, you will be enjoying now, and your family will continue to value well into future generations as your children share them with their children.

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