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Bonnie St.Pierre of B. St.Pierre Studio is the "StoryBook Photographer", so dubbed by WMUR-tv NH Chronicle when they videotaped and aired a terrific segment about us!

She is a skilled photographic artist, a childrens books author, and professional copywriter. Learn more about her here.

Our photography is a little different from what other studios offer, for it is planned with great care and most often tells stories... for families, individuals, and businesses. Our services are available solely for those who want something truly meaningful.

For our business clients, this means collaborating to create photos that illustrate their culture, and the writing of their message for their marketing pieces in a voice that will resonate with, and promote a response from, their perfect clients.

For our portrait clients, the images created here, from fantasy to celebration and preservation of everyday moments & interactions, decorate the walls of their homes. Or, for a limited number of customers annually, Bonnie uses her creativity to write a story and craft a signature printed & bound StoryBook, with the photographs illustrating the story in an extraordinary way, on custom designed pages.

Enter our site from here by clicking on one of the two photos below. We serve two different clients. Businesses, click the left. Families and Individuals, begin your adventure by clicking on the right!

Copywriting & Photography for Businesses

Storytelling Portraiture & StoryBooks